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     Phase 1 Rough-In


New Construction is one of our specialties here at Action Plumbing.  This is when the water lines, sewer line and vent stacks are laid out prior to the concrete foundation slab being poured.  These pictures depict complete underground rough-ins, stubbed up for connection once the walls are framed.

   Phase 2 Tub-Set


Once the framing is in place, the valves and tubs are installed, making sure they are secured to proper backing and strapped into place.  Townhomes and 2nd floors are no problem.  We routinely install showers with  thermal valves, three stop valves (one for dual body sprays, one for a rain head and one for a handheld shower).


Phase 3  Final Trim


After the drywall, tile and countertops are installed, the fixtures are installed. 

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